MyProject is a consultancy with over 150 expert staff. It answers all customer questions on finance and aims to provide professional, private advice.

There are many financial products on the market and it can be difficult to make the right choice among such a wide range of options. Private individuals rarely find the most appropriate products to suit all their requirements.

The objective of our work is to assess the customer’s situation in detail, in order to optimise finances according to the desired criteria. All this needs is an hour with one of our MyProject consultants, who will be pleased to do a detailed analysis of the customer’s needs. This report is then analysed by the MyProject experts, who will find the appropriate solutions among a wide range of options available among our major insurance company partners. The customer can finally select the preferred options at a second meeting.

This investment of less than two hours will enable you to make a number of savings and judge the quality of our services for yourself. We value your satisfaction, because we wish to develop a long-term relationship.