Inheritance investment is a demanding and delicate activity. This is why we have professionals responsible for providing you with the ideal solutions for your needs. Whether you want to insure your retirement within the context of a free provident or linked provident scheme, or invest funds from a professional pension programme. Start a regular savings scheme, or take advantage of opportunities on the international markets… In short, whatever your priorities, we have a suitable solution for you. In this regard, our clearly structured investment processes provide you with the necessary transparency. We treasure your added value. We safeguard your added value.




Create a capital fund, while enjoying substantial tax savings: whether you are an employee or independent, linked provident savings allows you to do this.

With the approach of retirement, the capital accumulated in this way enables you to plug the gaps in your AVS and second pillar. It can also finance the purchase of a property. In addition, the provident savings contract can be considered as collateral for your mortgage loan.

You certainly would like to protect your close relatives, spouse, partner and children from the consequences of a serious sickness, accident, disability or death.

Linked provident savings enable you to compensate missing income, while offering tax advantages.

Paying into the Pillar 3a is interesting, because the Confederation subsidizes this sort of private pension by means of tax reductions..

You can deduct your pension contributions from your taxable income. It is worth paying in as much as you can each year. See the inlay for the maximum contribution to the Pillar 3a.

Couple with two children, protestant, living in Zürich, taxable income CHF 100,000, at 2015 tax rates:

Payment into the Pillar 3a: CHF 6,768.00

Annual tax saving: CHF 1,600.30

Amount of annual tax payable without paying into the Pillar 3a: CHF 14,118.30

Amount of annual tax payable when paying into the Pillar 3a: CHF 12,518.00

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Deduction of the annual premium from taxable income, up to maximum limit
  • No tax on your fortune during the period of the contract
  • Interests generated are tax-free
  • Amount of taxation reduced when capital paid in

Would you like to realise a project or a dream? Our solution allows you to cover your additional financial needs during a given period, with which to ensure you do this.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Interests generated are tax free
  • No tax payable on the income in case of survival


Your wish to understand, in detail, the financial consequences of your retiring, must constitute the starting point of any financial planning. Do you anticipate leaving your employment early, at the due date or later? What do you wish for your future, what objectives have you set yourself? Do you have adequate financial resources?

During the financial planning, it is important to determine your income and expenses precisely before and after going into retirement. What receipts and expense items will change? How will these impact your budget?

Retirement planning gives you all the answers.


A provident savings analysis will give you a clear overview of the global benefits you will be able to enjoy with your AVS, pension fund and the funds available through the third Pillar schemes a) or b). It will also inform you of the consequences for your savings of the decision concerning the LPP old age benefit (paid in the form of a rent or as capital).


To what extent will you need to dip into your inheritance in order to make up the difference between budgeted expenses and the benefits of your pensions, the substitution income from your savings benefits and other possible sources? How long will you be able to count on your assets in this regard? Your decisions about investments are influenced in the long-term by your short and mid-term liquidity requirements. These requirements also have a long-term influence on your investment strategy. Thus, thanks to our solutions, the establishment of a personal capital investment profile is an integral part of retirement planning.


All the measures you undertake will have implications for your tax plan. We use comparative tables of your taxation to develop a detailed panorama. However, the taxation criteria will not be the only decision factor. We advise you on all the elements that have to be taken into account..

The MyProject specialists will advise you on the most suitable insurance solution for your needs and will answer all your questions about your life insurance.



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