Compulsory healthcare guarantees basic cover for health, maternity or accident.

Everybody living in Switzerland is obliged to have compulsory health care insurance. This cover reimburses the cost of basic healthcare for sickness, maternity or accident (as long as no accident insurance is covering the cost).

The list of benefits provided by the compulsory insurance is defined legally. As examples, we quote the following non-exhaustive list of benefits:

  • Outpatient care provided by doctors and chiropractors
  • Medication and laboratory tests prescribed by legally recognised doctors
  • Hospital treatment, basic level in the insured person’s home canton
  • Compulsory health insurance premiums depend on your home address and your age

You can obtain lower premiums by opting for an alternative excess instead of the normal excess amounting to CHF 300.- for adults.

Instead of the basic healthcare cover (traditional insurance model), you can opt for one of the alternative insurance models below:


Family doctor models are networks of independent doctors, in a town or a region. You choose your family doctor from a doctors’ list who you see in the first instance for any health matter. In case of need, he/she arranges any necessary specialist or hospital treatment.


The call centre system is a new, economical alternative to normal insurance, which enables you to benefit from free medical advice over the phone. This alternative insurance method is based on the principle of getting medical advice by telephone before going to a doctor.

The medical advice provided by the specialist staff of our partner Medi24 allows you to obtain information concerning the need for an examination or a medical treatment, as well as an adequate delay before starting to take the appropriate measures, where necessary.


HMOs (Health Maintenance Organisations) are practices of groups of specialist doctors, such as physiotherapists, nurses and dietitians. They possess all the know-how of basic healthcare under one roof.

The MyProject specialists will advise you on the most suitable insurance solution for your needs and will answer all your questions about your health insurance.



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