Setting up a vast inheritance requires both audacity and caution. At the same time, its management demands an extensive know-how and much care and attention. Thus the choice of the asset manager who will help you secure and grow your inheritance is key and often difficult.


The role of our specialists consists in understanding how you would like to use your inheritance. This will consist of helping you define and implement a strategy in line with your objectives, which will allow you to preserve your assets and increase their value, while maintaining your lifestyle.

Developing a special relationship with your asset manager, based on frankness and mutual esteem, is at the root of a fruitful business relationship. He will enable you to benefit from his ability, to grasp the details of your personal and financial situation, his long-term perspective, absolute discretion and access to experienced specialists.

Since your business relationship has to evolve at the same time as your situation, your manager will help you redefine your priorities and adapt your strategy with the passage of time, by offering you a different, independent point of view and proposing new avenues of thought. Our approach to inheritance management has always been an integral part of our philosophy. It will give you the assurance that the assets you entrust to us will be safe.

Be guided by our concept

La clé de votre sérénité

  1. Investissements :A compass to manage your inheritance
  2. Structure :The art of growing your inheritances profitability
  3. Relation :The best way to organise your assets

The MyProject specialists will advise you on the most suitable insurance solution for your needs and will answer all your questions about your investment solutions.